The largest international congress of technologies and equipment for the production and combustion bioenergy from wood in Russia.
MARCH 2023,
All about bioenergy from wood
Main topics
Analytical Section
  • The timber industry in Russia: the results of 2022 and the forecast for 2023.
  • How profitable is the processing of waste wood now? The most popular types of biofuels.
  • Review of the world situation. Events affecting the industry in 2022 and the forecast of further development.
  • Who in the European market has taken the place of Russian biofuels, who is the intermediary? How, in this regard, changes in the price of biofuels?
Export Section
  • Production and export of timber products. Is the presence of Russian producers on the European markets possible? The current situation, a view from all sides.
  • New logistic routes. Benefits and risks related to it. Optimizing costs for logistics.
  • Russian-Turkish partnership. Creating a new transport hub.
  • Evaluation of new promising markets for lumber and biofuels. To what extent can they replace traditional markets.
  • State mechanisms to support exports.
Domestic Market Section
  • Domestic Market. What is now happening on the Russian lumber and biofuel market. The capacity of the market and its possibilities. How to increase it?
  • Providing energy to small settlements, the transfer of boiler houses to biofuels. Experience of Russian regions in developing bioenergy.
  • Subsidizing the purchase of boilers for pellets. How realistic is this?
  • Energy-saving production by recycling waste.
  • Domestic sales channels. Interaction of enterprises with retail sales networks of timber products. Organization of Internet trade.
Production section
  • Analysis of wood waste market: bark, wood chips, sawdust.
  • There is waste. How to turn them into money now? Waste management in a shrinking pellet market. Combustion of different fuels.
  • Examples of companies in the timber industry to produce related products.
  • Small-scale plants for processing low-grade wood.
  • New types of biofuels.
  • Technological solutions in the absence of foreign brands.
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